Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beer Poetry

Some might say that this blog is, well, somewhat lowbrow. Well, we take such criticism constructively 'round these parts, so i've decided, bugger it, i'm going all hoity-toity and cultural like, by raising the standard of this site for youse all (cue grandma rolling in grave).

"Beer Poetry"

There you have it. I'm going to post some poetry. Okay, it's just a limerick, but i like limericks! Th
is has taken a great deal of effort, all of five minutes searching the net, and even that was interrupted often enough by my beer. Hey, it's thirsty work, don't bug me. I've actually made one up myself, but it's not suitable for this site, as it has nothing to do with beer. Ribald, perhaps, but beer-free, and this ain't no beer-free zone. Some sins are simply unforgivable.

On the chest of a barmaid in Sale
were tattooed the prices of ale,
and on her behind,
for the sake of the blind,
was the same information in braille.

There. Culture at its finest. That's it? Yep, the rest were crap.

Okay, now for something interesting. My yeast starter is going gangbusters! Saison here we come!

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