Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tooheys Lager Homebrew Update

Checked my latest brew earlier this evening - Tooheys Lager with safale US-05 yeast. Fermentation almost finished. Tastes clean and crisp. Seriously, it should taste like crap being flat, at room temperature, and immature, but the fact that it wasn't means that it should be a cracking session (read drunkathon) beer!

Should be ready to bottle on the weekend, and ready to drink a month later. B
ut don't take my word for it - come and try some for yourself!

In keeping with the KISS principle, i did nothing more than add a good yeast to enhance the flavour and aftertaste of the beer.

Ingredients: 1.7kg Tooheys Lager kit (liquid malt with hops) + 1kg Coopers Brew enhancer 1 (dextrose & maltodextrin) + US-05 Safale yeast.

I thought i'd try a bottom of the range home brew kit ($10.99 from Supabarn!) and see if my crazy old uncle Vic was right about Tooheys making decent home brew kits (yes, that would be your old man, Deano). I'd heard all the stories from the brewery and wasn't sure what i was in for, but at first taste i am impressed. The funny thing is that there is more malt in their kits than they have in their commercial beers, and they're cheaper.

My beers are much more consistent since i moved here with its underground garage and constant temperatures, as opposed to my "let the weather make my beer" days of sunny Woy Woy, with the fermenter partially outdoors and covered in a wet towel in a vain attempt to keep it cool. September is a superb time to make beer, with this brew fermenting constantly between 18 and 21 degrees, optimising its taste and avoiding the weird flavours that higher temperatures can create.

If you are not a drinker, then i may have lost you by now, but if not, grab a beer and soon you will no longer care! I have made this chore easier by sharing a Mangrove Jack's Pilsner (homemade of course) with Claude, my brother-in-law while i slur on about my fabulous blog and its indecipherable mutterings, not that he could any longer comprehend what i was waffling on about. Mmmm.....waffles!

Goodnight from DHB! Beer review to follow tomorrow - Orange beer or "how to screw up a great beer in 3 easy steps" or maybe that delicious pilsner i tried earlier. Who knows? With beer-enhanced beer blog lottery, it could be any outcome, just like my beer....

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