Friday, October 19, 2012

Amato's Beer Tasting Beer Preview!

Just getting a little practice for the taste testing tomorrow at Amato's Liquor at Leichhaardt In Sydney , and the beer isn't quite quenching the thirst created by the photos of beers to be tasted tomorrow.  As can be seen below, there is a wide range of beers for tasting tomorrow (there are others as well), of which quite a few demand attention.

The one that lit up my face the most was the Lord Nelson Three Sheets Australian Pale Ale, due in part to me drinking about twenty of them on my buck's night.  Oh, who am i kidding?  Ten years after that hazy night, i have no idea what i was drinking, only that it was a Lord Nelson beer, and that it was damned nice.

This will certainly top the list of beers to try, although the Endeavour 2011 Reserve Amber Ale sounds enticing, if only for the fact that it is not yet-another-pale-ale, of which all are desperately trying to "be different", by being precisely the same.  Would-be professional craft brewers take note - come up with beer style before getting maggoted in brainstorming session.  After all, it's not called a "brain-stupifying" session now, is it?  Maybe it is.  Besides, it works for me.

The Franziskaner Weissbeer is a traditional German wheat beer from 1397(!) which I have had before, but unfortunately do not much remember.  Alas, due to the intervening years beers, my memory is somewhat hazy, so i have little choice but to try it again, dammit.

The Old Speckled Hen and Fullers London Pride are famous beers which I have never tried, so I must of course do the honour and taste them.  Repeatedly.

Estrella Galicia is a spanish beer (I had to look it up), so that will be an interesting take.  The italian beer, Menabrea, is surprisingly good, and distinctly italian but still very much european, so it will be interesting to see what the spanish do with their cerveza.  See?  Ich spreche espanol (or is that yo hablo deutsch?  Damn, too many beers.  Again).

The White Rabbit White Ale sounds interesting too.  I'll just have to follow that one down the rabbit hole.  Ooh, the big one at the back must be tasted too, if only to have an excuse to drink yet another big beer.  Not quite a Darwin Stubby, but i like...big...beers.

Who am i kidding?  I intend to taste all of them!  Happy drinking tasting!


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